Blue Flower

What you will find at our Restaurant ...?

The restaurant at Chane Cheese Farm serves a variety of dishes but best of all are the wood-fired oven pizzas. Enjoy something like the Spicy Indian Pizza – cream cheese, dhana, onions and garlic. This delicious vegetarian pizza was inspired by TV Celebrity Chef Reza Mahammad. If hot is your thing best to order a pizza with jalapenos, shredded beef and sweet caramelized onions. Many of the dishes are cheese based and the quality is exceptional. If pizzas don’t fire up the old appetite, then try the extremely tasty and filling home-made hamburgers

Sitting in the restaurant one can hear the chatter and laughter of the children swimming in the pool enjoying life and making new friends. Max, the resident Jack Russel, roams around and takes a bit of time to visit each table, wagging his tail and also enjoying life by the pool.

A handsome rooster walks by, his feathers shining in the Zululand sun. Goats bleat nearby and in the fields the horses graze lazily.  Ou-baas, the attractive African Grey parrot, waits patiently in his cage for someone to say hello.

Indeed, the Chane Cheese Farm and Lodge is a family affair that offers visitors a break-away from the humdrum of a busy life.