Blue Flower

Self-catering air-conditioned Accommodation...

Self-catering air-conditioned accommodation is available at a reasonable price. The rooms are spacious, clean and fitted with showers. Wooden tables are suitably placed under the trees where one can enjoy morning coffee.  The cheese farm lies in close proximity to St Lucia and one can easily take an evening drive into the coastal town for dinner. Better maybe to stay put and fire up the old braai and enjoy a quiet evening under the beautiful Zululand sky.

4 x Family Units @ R1000 per night per unit

4 x 2 sleep unit @ R500 per night per unit

With the accommodation we offer the following:-

* Restaurant Indoor and Outdoor

* Farm Shop

* Guided Horse Riding - Pony Rides for kids

* Wedding Venue

* Social Events and gatherings

* Mini Golf

* Cheese Tours