Blue Flower

Chane Cheese Farm and Lodge Mtubatuba - St. Lucia

Situated just outside of the town of Mtubatuba is a privately owned cheese farm and lodge.  The lodge is an oasis between Mtubatuba and St. Lucia. Surrounded by trees, visitors only have to drive on 4km of good dirt road before reaching this delightful establishment. 

Nicky and Phillip have owned the farm for 22 years and the family are extremely earthy people.  The team is friendly and warm, kind and caring – Zululand people.  Chane Cheese Farm is open to visitors from Monday to Sunday and offers a selection of things to do and animals to see. No entrance fee is required when visiting the farm and restaurant. 

The construction of the new building has created a wonderful new cool space for diners who fancy sitting indoors. The building can accommodate large tour groups and there is enough light and space for year-end functions, children’s birthday parties and social events.  The cheese farm is an ideal setting for a Zululand country wedding.  Relaxed and unpretentious, the cheese farm is an ideal location for family get-togethers and gatherings.

What's to like about Chane Cheese Farm?

A newly paved sparkling blue swimming pool for the very hot and humid Zululand summer days.

A superb restaurant that offers fantastic specials and divine chocolate brownies, carrot cake and other delicious treats.

The wooden deck is very spacious and pleasant for those who enjoy the outdoors and sunny days.

The garden is tropical with lots of ferns, tree ferns, hibiscus and palm trees. Cool and shady areas under the majestic trees completes a very appealing farm picture.

Forget about old McDonald’s farm and spend a day with goats, horses, chickens and ducks and rabbits on the delightfully family orientated Chane cheese farm and lodge.